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It's the shape that matters. A high product quality requires good tools. When shaping plywood, the choice of tool design is significant for the quality of the final product. If the blank is heavily deformed, if high quantities are planned or if you require a high precision of the moulded wood - then an aluminium tool is necessary.The even heat distribution speaks for electrically heated tools. Tools for high frequency are favourable in production. However, one is confronted with problems that do not occur with electric tools. Our tools promise a high dimensional stability against HF.

We would be pleased to advise you on your individual requirements.

Our offer is special, the field of application infinitely wide. There is hardly a production in which something is not heated, dried or combined - our market of unlimited possibilities. Our products are small details with a big effect, very small or really big: from the 30 mm small heating plate to the heavy press tool made of steel.

Together with you, we develop concepts that are optimally matched to your requirements. Which type of heating is the right one for you depends on various criteria. 


"Never change a running system" - the electric combination heating plate from Busse is a guarantee for quality and stability. Our database contains the technical data of almost 50 years of heating plate production. And you will also find a product from our company in your company - we are sure of that.




Busse helps you to scan worn individual parts and reproduce precise, high-quality individual parts or small series




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