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Unlimited perspectives: The aluminium electric heating plate from Busse

For a variety of applications. Electric heating plates for various applications. From hot plates to welding bars. For temperature ranges from 20° C to 450° C. From laboratory to open pit.

You will be amazed at the variety of products in your environment that have been manufactured with heating plates from buses. Let's start with your picture newspaper, which is dried with the help of our heating plates. The refrigerator which is insulated under the influence of heat. The desk, which is veneered. Various soundproofing and cladding in your car. But also your warm pretzel, which is kept warm by the baker. We provide you with the right heating plate for almost every application.

Modular in construction - Versatile in application

electric heating plates are built in sandwich. Aluminium sheets are used as the basis which are equipped with a heating conductor system. A good temperature distribution is given by the very small heating conductor distance within the plates. The modular plate construction offers the possibility to realize different performances per m². Construction heights from 9 mm are possible. Depending on the specification, several sheets can be glued, riveted or screwed together. Depending on the process, we integrate air or vacuum systems. To ensure even heat distribution, heating plates are divided into several controllable zones  

We are also flexible when it comes to plate sizes: whether it is a 100 x 100 mm heating plate for screen printing or a heating plate for foaming refrigerated trailers with dimensions of 17000 x 3800 mm. Almost any surface can be realised. An important aspect in the design of your heating plate is the desired maximum operating temperature. The simplest plates can be used for temperatures up to 120° C. In an additional mechanically secured version, you can operate the heating plates up to 250° C.

Replace defective heating levels on site!

elektroheizplatte 036 320x240x4c Downtimes during production are associated with high costs. Many heating plates are in 24/7 use. If one heating plate fails, immediate action is required. Basically, any electrically defective heating plate can be repaired in the production plant. Valuable time is lost during transport. The repair may take a few days under certain circumstances.

In order to counteract this, Busse Heizplattentechnik GmbH has patented a new system. Not all sheets are glued together anymore. Each heating level is encapsulated with a 0.02 mm aluminium layer and screwed to the other components. Thus, the entire defective heating level can be replaced on site and within the shortest possible time. The change can be accomplished in most cases by the operating electrician.

We develop your heating system together with you according to your specifications. The following factors are decisive for the design of the heating plates:
- Dimensions
- Operating temperature
- Output
- Voltages
- Specific pressure


Steel heating plates

Almost all steel heating plates are heated by tubular heating elements or heating cartridges. The result: The power density in the heating plate is much too high for the process. This results in overshoots in the limit temperature range, which are not acceptable. Furthermore, a relatively strong carrier plate is required for the heat source, which prevents rapid temperature changes.

The advantages of resistance heating in the form of heating wire can be exploited here:
- Low power
- Less weight
- Differentiation between process and feed energy
- Increased energy efficiency

It doesn't work without: Heating cartridges at high power densities or high temperatures

elektroheizplatte 020 585x329x4cUp to a working temperature of 250 degrees C we rely on the advantages of the heating resistance wire. At higher temperatures we also rely on high-performance heating cartridges. We process these in steel and aluminium plates. Cartridges are used when a very high power density is required. Various steels or aluminium alloys are used. Grown know-how, combined with most modern technology and genuine manual work guarantee you heating plates in highest quality.

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