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Yes we can: Electric pressing tools with multiplex support form

Short delivery times and low tooling costs are basic requirements in a limited market segment. The desire for ever smaller quantities also demands this. Only with our heating technology is it possible to realize this cost-effective type of tooling. 

Background: Electrical heating offers great advantages over high-frequency technology. No punctures if the residual moisture is too high. More even temperature distribution. Excellent for press thicknesses smaller than 30 mm. 

The construction of a pressing tool made of multiplex or beech plywood consists of an unheated support mould, screwed to a 10 - 12 mm thick electric heating plate and insulating intermediate layer without stretching. For deformations in several floors, deformed floor heating plates can be manufactured. 

Maximum temperature range: 95°C
Maximum pressure: 25 kg/cm²

- Only the heating plates - not the entire mould mass is heated.
- Short lead times
- low radiation
- smallest heat losses.
- Upper and lower moulds can be tempered separately from each other (thus pre-stressing of the mouldings is possible).
- Cost-effective and fast production
- The support mould can also be manufactured by the customer on request.

In addition to competence and reliability, you can also expect maximum flexibility from us. All tools are also available with extensive accessories on request.

High frequency tools

Manufactured according to the same Prinzop. However, the pressing surfaces of the tools are equipped with electrode plates made of stainless steel or aluminium. This form of heating is ideally suited for tie bars and cantilever chairs.

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