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Know-How for more than 30 years: Press tools made of solid aluminium

For long tool life, short working cycles and strong 3D deformations, aluminium tools are recommended. Whether unheated, electric heating or heating by liquid media.

The use of aluminium pressing tools is necessary for strongly three-dimensional deformations of the moulded parts. Heating can be effected either by electric heating plates or by liquid heating media.

- long service life for high quantities.
- almost unlimited service life.
- due to suitability for higher temperatures, shorter cycle times can be achieved and therefore increased capacities.
- optimal for strong 3D deformations.
- maximum pressure: 50 kg/cm²

In addition to competence and reliability, you can also expect maximum flexibility from us. All tools are also available with extensive accessories on request.

Due to data protection conditions, we have to dispense with extensive image display. 

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