The optimal heating solution for
photovoltaics and laminated glass

Homogeneous temperature distribution is the be-all and end-all of laminated glass production. Busse Heizplattentechnik has years of experience and expertise in this field and can develop the ideal heating solution with you. Our heating plates stand out through their impressive precision and reliability.
You have the choice between medium, electric and fluid heating plates and heating tables.

Laminated glass production with Busse

Heating solutions from Busse offer users in the laminated glass industry a large number of advantages. These include a uniform temperature distribution, the durability and long service life of our products, and the flexible implementation of individual requirements.

Precise heating plates

Take two sheets of glass, place a robust, tear-resistant plastic film between them and press everything well together. This creates a glass that is not only transparent, but also has increased resistance to mechanical stress. This so-called laminated glass is used, among other things, for photovoltaic systems.
When pressing the glass, the most important thing is a homogeneous temperature distribution. This requires powerful, reliable and precise heating plates – and they come from Busse.

In addition to the version with heating cartridges, we can also equip our heating plates with heating wires. This creates many individual heating zones that ensure optimal heat distribution.
Busse Heizplattentechnik offers you even more: our products can also be used in a vacuum. This is a basic requirement, since the components of a photovoltaic system also have to be glued in a vacuum.

Optimal pressing result

Proven in practice

Our customer Marl GmbH is already convinced. The company integrates Busse heating plates into its innovative LAMIPRESS®. The press combines the energies of overpressure, vacuum and contact heat into the “flat-bed vacuum autoclave” technology – a cost-effective and flexible alternative to conventional processes (autoclave, autoclave-free).
Aluminium construction
Heating and cooling plates
Hybrid heating plates
Electric heating plates


Whether you need a heating or cooling plate, a customised or standard design, a new product or a spare part – we have the right product for your laminated glass manufacturing project.